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Samsung Comeback (Samsung T559)

 Samsung Comeback Discontinued
26th July 2009

On the outside, the Samsung Comeback looks a little odd - it looks like a normal cellphone, except that for some reason it is a lot wider. The reason for this strange shape becomes apparent when it is opened up - inside is a QWERTY keyboard and a large 400 x 240 pixel display.

It is a little like a cross between a Nokia E90 and a T-Mobile Sidekick, aimed at those who want to send a lot of email or IM messages, but at the same time it can be used like a traditional cellphone.

Exclusive to T-Mobile in the US, the Comeback is priced towards the upper end of their range at $130 after rebates and subsidy. So it's clear that T-Mobile think that this is a fairly desirable product.

What do you get for the money? The Samsung Comeback is a 3G phone with a basic 2 megapixel digital camera, an MP3 player, web browser, email client, Bluetooth, microSD expandable memory and of course two displays and a QWERTY keyboard. The external display is a basic 128 x 128 pixel panel, but inside the larger 2.6" display is ideal for messaging use.

 T-Mobile Comeback Inside, the small widely-spaced keys are very much like those found on the popular sidekick range. The addition of a "www./.com" key speeds up entry of web addresses, the dedicated smiley key makes it easier to use emoticons in your messages. There are also a large number of other keyboard shortcuts available if you have the willingness to learn them.

Two screens and two keypads means that the phone is a little on the heavy side at 4.6 ounces (131 grams), and it measures 4.3 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches (110 x 56 x 19mm). The 960 mAh battery is quoted as giving up to 5.5 hours talktime and 12 days standby time, although we suspect that is a GSM-only figure.

This is a 1700 MHz UMTS phone with no mention of European 2100 MHz support. In addition, the Samsung Comeback has quad-band GSM, but it lacks WiFi connectivity.

The Samsung Comeback looks like a good alternative to a Sidekick. Oddly enough, T-Mobile seems to be competing with T-Mobile in this respect as the Sidekick is also a T-Mobile exclusive. The Comeback is available right now in "Frost Siver Cherry" and "Pearl White Plum" colour combinations, which are perhaps better described simply as "red" and "purple".

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T-Mobile Comeback (T559) at a glance


July 2009


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 + UMTS 1700




400 x 240 pixels, 262k colours (main)
128 x 128 pixels, 65k colours (sub)


2 megapixels


Large QWERTY clamshell

4.3 x 2.2. x 0.7 inches / 4.6 ounces
110 x 56 x 19mm / 131 grams



Memory card:







Not specified





Battery life:

5.5 hours talk / 12 days standby

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