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Motorola MPx100

26th February 2004

Motorola phones are a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they have some brilliant clamshells like the V300, and V600 - but on the other they make hugely unattractive handsets like the C550 which just look outdated when compared with the competition. Then there's the chunky, ugly but powerful handsets being produced for the 3G market such as the interesting A925 and A835.

Just to make life more complex, there's the MPx range. The MPx200 is a nice looking phone but critically short of features. The MPx / MPx300 is a strange beast, and the MPx220 is still under wraps. So, the MPx100 is another addition to the slightly odd lineup of Windows Smartphones in the Motorola range, but it's a welcome addition and shows that perhaps others in Motorola should pay attention.

At first glance, the Motorola MPx100 looks a little like the Sony Ericsson T630 in terms of physical layout. There's a large 176x220 pixel screen and a built-in digital camera, but this time it's a high-resolution 1.3 megapixel device. It's a tri-band GSM phone supporting GPRS plus wireless ethernet (WiFi) as an optional add-on.

Software is a key selling point for this type of device, and the MPx100 offers good integration with Microsoft Office applications, plus it supports up to 512Mb memory, Windows Media player and all the other usual features we've seen in Windows-based Smartphones, but some interesting features like an add-on QWERTY keypad.

The MPx100 is pitched pretty clearly against the likes of the Orange SPV e200, offering better features in a more stylish package. We think the MPx100 firmly establishes Motorola as the leading provider of Windows Smartphone handsets with these latest releases.

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Motorola MPx100 Provisional Specifications


Lated 2004


Tri-band GSM




176x220 pixels


1.3 megapixels


Standard to large "candy bar" size
Approx 120x50x24mm / 135 grams









Battery life:



Windows Smartphone 2003


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